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What is a Hospital Indemnity Plan?


Hospital Indemnity plans are designed to supplement health insurance plans with coverage that pays a fixed amount per day when you become confined to a hospital. Hospital Indemnity plans are standalone, which means they are not required to coordinate with your other health insurance coverage.

How does the plan work?

In the event that you’re confined to a hospital the plan will pay you between $100 and $600 per day based on the plan you select. You can choose a 3-day, 6-day or 10-day benefit period, which will restore after 60 days of no hospital confinement. As with any healthcare product, the options and benefits available to you will vary by plan.


Why do I need a Hospital Indemnity Plan?

Hospital confinement when combined with your deductibles and other medical expenses can cause the cost of your medical care to quickly add up even with insurance coverage. If you have a limited budget or savings, covering these expenses can be challenging. So a hospital indemnity plan may be worth your consideration.


The Hospital Indemnity plan cash benefit is paid directly to you so you can use the funds any way you choose, because unlike medical health insurance, hospital indemnity plans are not tied to specific services but instead pay policyholders upon the occurrence of certain events.

What Hospital Indemnity Plan options are available?


The plan options are:


  • Daily Hospital Confinement

  • Ambulance Trips

  • Cancer

  • Dental/Vision

  • Short Duration Hospital Stays

  • Outpatient Surgery

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

How do I Learn More or Get a Rate Quote?

If you are looking to learn more about Hospital Indemnity Plans, or if you’d like to request an appointment or get a rate quote, call a licensed Powerhouse Insurance Agent at:


(214) 624-9858 or 1-866-934-5658

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