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UnitedHealthcare  Medicare Plans

Add Advantage or Medigap & PDP to original Medicare Part A & B.

Life Insurance Plans

Plans provided to cover expenses accompanying the loss of life.

International Travel Insurance Plans

Medical health care for individuals outside of their home country.

UnitedHealthcare Family & Individual Plans

Various health plans such as short term, doctor & hospital plans.

Dental & Vision Insurance Plans

Plans and discount cards covering routine services & major expenses.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Standalone plans designed to supplement health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is open enrollment for Medicare (Annual Enrollment Period)?

Open enrollment is from October 15 through December 7. During this period you can add, drop or switch your Medicare plan coverage. You must be 65 or older unless you qualify on the basis of a disability or other special situation. Depending on certain situations, you may be able to enroll in a Medicare plan outside of the initial enrollment period or open enrollment. Special Needs Plans have other eligibility requirements.

Can I keep my same doctor?

This may depend on the type of plan and/or whether or not your doctor is in-network.

Will I stay covered under my existing plan if I move to a different county or state?

If you move to a different county under a supplemental plan, your existing coverage will remain. If you have an advantage plan, coverage is determined by the type of plan. If you move to a different state and have a supplemental plan you will still be covered under your existing plan; however, you will have to enroll in a new prescription drug plan. Advantage plan coverage is not transferable out of state.

Can I have a Medicare Supplemental plan and a Medicare Advantage plan?

No. You must choose one or the other.

Are dentures covered under any of the dental plans?

Yes! Most plans require a 12 month waiting period, whereafter they will pay 50% of the total cost, up to the maximum annual benefit. Alternatively, our dental discount cards offer immediate fixed discounted prices. Costs may vary per discount card plan.